Advanced Kidney Specialists, P.C.


The medications prescribed to you are very important.  Please take your medications as directed by your doctor.  Read the label carefully and be aware of possible side effects.  Call our office if you have any concerns about your medications.

The labs and tests ordered by our office are a very important part of your medical care.  We will draw the labs and even do some of the tests at our office.  We may also give you a prescription to get the labs/tests done at another facility.  The results of these labs/tests help the doctor monitor your kidneys and overall health.

 How do I get a refill on my prescriptions?   


Please notify your phamacist if you need a refill.  Do not wait until your prescription completely runs out to request a refill.  Please have you pharmacist fax us at (731)984-8392.  For your convenience, we also use e-prescription.  If you cannot reach your pharmacist please feel free to call our office.   We fill most refill prescription requests on the same day.  If you have never been to our office or it has been over a year since your last appointment we will not be able to fill any prescription requests until you are seen in our office.

 Labs and Diagnostic Tests.                          

 Routine lab work will be ordered to monitor your medical condition.  If you have labs done at another office or facility please let us know so that we can get a copy for the doctor to review.  We may also order additional lab work and tests to help evaluate your kidney function.  You may choose to have labwork done at our office or at the facility of your choice.  All test and labs will be reviewed by our physician or nurse practioner.  You will be notified if you have any abnormal labs/tests that require a change to your plan of care.  Your results will also be discussed at your next appointment.