Advanced Kidney Specialists, P.C.

 Insurance and Billing.                                 

 We accept payment from most insurance plans including Medicare and Medicaid.  We are committed to prioviding you with the best possible care as well as keeping you active in your health care plan.  Please be aware of your provider network prior to your appt.

We ask that you bring your insurance cards to every visit to verify that we have your current insurance information, current policy, and plan that we participate in.  We submit all insurance claims for you.  Patients are ultimately responsible for all fees and finance charges incurred that are not covered by insurance.

If your insurance plan requires a copay, it will be collect when you check-in.  If you are unable to make your payment we will bill you and this payment will be due within one week from the appt. date.

If you have supplemental insurance, we will submit your claims to this insurance company in addition to the submission to your primary insurance.  Please be aware, if there is no response within 60 days, the balance will become your responsibility.

If you have no insurance, you will be charged $60 per office visit.  This does not include the lab work or diagnostic tests but you have the option to have test/labs done at a different facility.

Please contact our billing department, Advanced Billing, at (731)660-2665 if you have any questions about your billing statement.