Advanced Kidney Specialists, P.C.

Dialysis Patients.                                          

We are proud to offer you a state of the art dialysis clinic in Medina, Tennesse. Dr. Sarkar has worked diligently to open this clinic for his patients. All practicing Nephrologists of the area can also treat dialysis patients in our dialysis unit. Please see our website at for more information.

Clinic Locations.                                         

 We also treat patients at the following dialysis units:

       DCI of Jackson (731)668-0800

       Davita of Jackson (731)668-5640

       DCI of Humboldt (731)784-4384

       DCI of Paris (731)644-0763

       Davita of Selmer (731)645-4939

       Davita of Lexington (731)967-9194

       DCI of Lexington (731)968-2513

       Davita of Savannah (731)926-3188

       DCI of Brownsville (731)772-2151

       Davita of Bolivar (731)658-3828